Death of Traditional House Hunting

The future is here and change is inevitable.

Virtual Reality has been circling the real estate market for years, but high priced equipment and a slow moving industry have limited wide spread adoption of virtual reality as a legitimate tool for the average REALTOR®. While we have seen adoption in luxury home sales, the majority of consumers have yet to benefit from the recent advancements in technology.

Virtual Reality now allows aspiring homeowners to experience house hunting like never before. Allowing users to experience the floorplan, dimensions and condition of a home without ever stepping foot inside. And on the heels of the Inman News article that confirmed that 1 in 3 home buyers are now purchasing their properties sight unseen – house hunters’ actions are confirming change is inevitable.

Wide spread adoption of Virtual Reality House Hunting will be the greatest fundamental shift in real estate business method since searching for homes online. The faster that REALTORS® can adapt, the better they will be able capitalize on the WOW factor of the new technology and take market share from slow moving competitors.

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