Great Features That Will Help You Generate More Leads & Close More Deals 


Savvy House Hunting is a comprehensive client communication platform.  The portals for each of your clients will read like a “newsfeed” and you can interact together in this private space.  Content such as videos, documents, messages and more can easily be added to the portal and your business and relationships with your clients benefit.


Savvy House Hunting isn’t just a Virtual Reality House Hunting platform it is a standardization tool for Agents.  Any educational or training video that you want to make and upload allows you to interact in a new way with buyers and sellers. It also helps organize your communication, standardize your process and scale your business.  Use pre-recorded content to streamline communication, build stronger relationships and close more deals.


Uploading 360 Images is just as easy and innovative as video.  It can be used in a number of different ways…from showcasing a town, a neighborhood, a school or a park that you want to get to your clients to set the stage of the area they are looking at is just one idea.  Just another reason that Savvy House Hunting is a multi-pronged tool to add to your brand.


Keep an unlimited library of documents for you to organize for your clients.  Create a document once and drop into a portal in seconds for your clients. No more time wasted hunting down e-mail document links and re-sending e-mails.  All housed on our professional platform to save time for you and your clients. Streamlining your business in this way allows for balance…not burnout.

Canned Messages

Another innovative way of streamlining your business and your life is by using canned messages within our system.  Quickly communicate common verbiage within the real estate transaction with your clients directly. Lenders and other vendors can also be included in the portal for communication throughout the entire process.


Add your Clients, Transaction Coordinators, Lenders etc… to the platform.  As the Savvy House Hunting account holder, you can easily add people to have varying degrees of access.  Anybody you want to bring in to a Portal can be added and stored here. In addition to working within our system with your clients the other parts of the transaction can be conducted here as well.


Your entire site is customized.  You are powered by Savvy House Hunting but you have your own site name, branded colors and logo.  Your clients will feel right at ease by seeing the familiar face they hired. Logo and company colors are also completely customizable.  Savvy House Hunting provides a comprehensive client communication platform that elevates the professionalism of your business.

Are you ready to get more clients,
work less hours, and make more money?

Finally, a complete client communication platform that was built by real estate agents, for real estate agents
that allows you to show your clients homes from the comfort of their own homes.